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HostDrone (software) ~ minor

# 97. Language setting file not found when usi...

Project: HostDrone (software)
Reported by: HostDrone admin at 2010-03-13 05:55:22

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Question concerning: Broken functionality which was written using PHP on Webserver: Apache

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The country code named include file in sys/language/ sets table headers and output content for each check, So no language file, means empty results.


2010-04-10 12:14:30 by Anonymous

Release 2010-04-10 in v. 0.66.2 BETA

2010-03-13 05:58:49 by HostDrone admin

It's a problem with the variable $localpath_nofile in engine_php.inc not being set properly in all cases.
Changed line 40 from

$languagefilepath = ($system_document_root . '/' . $localpath_nofile . 'sys/language/');


$languagefilepath = ($system_document_root . '/' . 'sys/language/');