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HostDrone (software) ~ minor

# 7. IMAP check not working properly

Project: HostDrone (software)
Reported by: HostDrone admin at 2009-08-04 20:10:29

Error/issue description

Affected elements

Question concerning: Broken functionality which was written using PHP on Emailserver: any

In the words of the user...

Need to check the functionality of the email -> IMAP check.

Perhaps move this away from the POP3 check as a seperate service which would make more sense.

Also, ensure that it actually runs of port 143 and not 110 (pop3).


2010-04-10 12:13:19 by Anonymous

Release 2010-04-10 in v. 0.66.2 BETA

2010-03-13 11:13:44 by HostDrone admin


2010-03-13 11:13:39 by HostDrone admin

See issue #31

2009-12-29 21:38:40 by HostDrone admin

Will implement this as a seperate check at a later stage. Closing!