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# 5. title tag no longer pulling release type...

Project: HostDrone (software)
Reported by: HostDrone admin at 2009-08-02 03:15:12

Error/issue description

Affected elements

Question concerning: Layout and design (mark-up, etc) which was written using Irrelevant (in this context) on All (platform irrelevant)

In the words of the user...

The HTML title tag is only displaying the version and name, but not the type of release (in this case BETA), It used to do that, so guessing that it wasnt properly changed with that variable was split up into 3.

One containing version number, one containing release type and the last one containing the release date.


2009-12-29 01:38:40 by HostDrone admin

Moved to seperate file for version tracking.