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HostDrone (software) ~ minor

# 23. CHMOD in the FTP control module.

Project: HostDrone (software)
Reported by: HostDrone admin at 2009-12-23 20:22:26

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Affected elements

Question concerning: New feature (request) which was written using Unknown language or code on FTPserver: any

In the words of the user...

Add CHMOD in the FTP control module.


2010-02-28 18:13:52 by HostDrone admin

(Merging in #22.)

FTP module needs checks to confirm that they have enough rig...

- While checks in the FTP module that attempts to list, read, write, delete, etc.

2009-11-11 08:38:40 by HostDrone admin

The FTP module already did part of that. However now it does more:

+ Allow LIST
+ RootDir
+ Write access
+ chmod over FTP
+ Delete files