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HostDrone (software) ~ tiny

# 117. header version, host off cause output is...

Project: HostDrone (software)
Reported by: Anonymous at 2010-04-10 05:45:37

Error/issue description

Affected elements

Question concerning: Layout and design (mark-up, etc) which was written using PHP on All (platform irrelevant)

In the words of the user...

When variables: "$header_showversion" and "$header_showhostname" are set to "0" (turned off) in configuration (config.inc). The Jumplist is hidden as well.


2010-04-10 12:13:50 by Anonymous

Release 2010-04-10 in v. 0.66.2 BETA

2010-04-10 08:13:01 by Anonymous


Changed markup (HTML/CSS)

2010-04-10 05:54:12 by Anonymous

Actually, either of those two variables:


set = "0", will break jump server functionality.