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HostDrone (software)

Webhosting tool for easy and structured server-information

A server-side status and monitoring tool written in PHP, with various other programming language modules which are used to gather information about their respective configuration. It is designed to give you a quick and nice way to see the setting on a given webserver. Hostdrone is designed to check versions, modules, components, server-types and connectivity in order to deliver a highly informative output that is easy-to-read and contains every bit of relevant information in a structured and simplified fashion.

Open issues

Collect relevant data from SHOW STATUS/VARIAB2010-04-10
next() function different behavior PHP4/52010-04-10
MSSQL check in ASP2009-08-04
ftp_chmod function crash application on PHP 4green checkmark icon2010-04-10
Layout breaks if length is above 20 in versio2012-09-11
XML parsing through FireFoxgreen checkmark icon2010-04-10
Get MySQL version using SELECT VERSION( )2010-04-10
FTP SSL connection support may not be2009-08-02
serverlist.txt must contain fwd-slashgreen checkmark icon2010-04-10
MSSQL check in PHP2009-08-04

Deployed fixes

If PHP mysql module not on server, code will 0.66.22010-03-13
System still attempting MySQL connections eve0.44.22009-08-06
Checks that are dependent on previous checks0.66.22010-03-13
Multi-webserver environments. jump functional0.51.02009-08-02
POP3 check broken0.66.22010-01-01
ASP add checks for additional components0.50.12010-01-01
Add Skin/template support0.66.22010-04-10
.NET check. Add relevant Environment.Variable0.50.12010-01-01
Failure while using certain FTP functions in 0.66.22010-03-13
IMAP check not working properly0.66.22009-08-04
PHP imagick module not found depite it being 0.66.22010-03-13
Language setting file not found when using ce0.66.22010-03-13
FTP module needs checks to confirm that they 0.45.52009-12-23
Add logos for each service supported in foote0.66.22010-03-13
ASP check broken.0.50.12010-01-01
problems with SYSTEM_ROOT variable in php.ini0.44.22009-12-10
Jump must be location aware0.66.22010-04-10
Jump to location global settings0.66.22010-04-10
Unable to create selectable TCP socket (1166 0.44.12009-12-22
Email connection is not actually checked by P0.45.02009-12-22
.NET (aspx) check broken0.50.12010-01-01
CHMOD in the FTP control module.0.45.52009-12-23
XML output option is broken run_alternate.php0.50.12010-01-01
Add check for PHP module: adodb0.66.22010-03-13
Table td field shrinkage issue0.45.02009-08-04
Add check for PHP module: ps0.66.22010-03-13
Hostnames break tables when address to long f0.45.02009-12-22
Add refresh/reload button0.66.22010-04-10
Cursor help displaying when hovering over fie0.45.02009-08-02
Add check for PHP module: svn0.66.22010-03-13
title tag no longer pulling release type data0.44.12009-08-02
Add check for PHP module: sysvmsg0.66.22010-03-13
Add server type icons to config server list0.66.22010-04-10
Version name in class headline for each box, 0.66.22010-03-13
FTP timeout modification check0.45.02009-12-21
Add check for PHP module: geoip0.66.22010-03-13
Empty output is causing an extra row at the e0.45.02009-12-22
Support for PHP ImageMagick0.44.32009-12-17
header version, host off cause output issues 0.66.22010-04-10