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Features & functionality

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  • Webserver running PHP (Apache/IIS)
  • PHP 4.4.x or later
  • Webbrowser or XML reader for output
  • 0,2 MB free diskspace
  • **optional** .NET, ASP, FTP, MySQL & e-mail


  • Get information in realtime
  • Multi OS and PHP engine support
  • List PHP & ASP component incl. versions
  • MySQL check and info.
  • FTP server check and info.
  • POP3/IMAP email check.
  • No installation required. Easy to setup.
  • Easy to use onfig file for setup
  • Runs on most shared hosting servers
  • Multilingual configuration
  • Custom skins
  • Your logo in the top left corner
  • Jump between different servers running hostdrone
  • A single shared/global list of servers
  • Valid XHTML 1.0 strict / CSS 2.1
  • XML output on all data (ex.: for pooling)
  • Open Source under a GNU license
  • And Completely free


HostDrone automatically attempts to scale to fit the browser window and works both to the advantage of the 16:9 format and the 4:3 format; Plus any other. These two screenshots illustrates that point.


Screenshot of hostdrone


Screenshot of hostdrone